Elad nissim

My name is Elad Nissim. I am a concept photographer based in Jerusalem, but I travel worldwide.  

My journey as a photographer started five years ago. I was traveling for a while in Asia. As I captured people and nature I realized that what I am really passionate about is creating the image, creating the seen.


When I returned home I decided to professionalize in concept photography. I studied with a fashion photographer in Jaffa. My main focus was on learning studio photography techniques, and on sharpening my image editing skills. Later, I continued my education by studying advanced photo manipulation.

I specialize in concept photography of sports, especially extreme sports.


Beside my work, I do many projects for fun, just to be able to express my own creativity.

One of my latest and favorite projects is a series of ten photographs that covered ten different fields of sports. Each image represents a different subcategory of the human body’s abilities. Check it out!!